“Zeher Momos”: Internet Shocked By Momos Made With Pepsi

In Delhi, momos are not just a street food, they are an emotion. Delhi’s love for the dish knows no bounds.  From tandoori momos and kurkure momos to pan-fried and steamed momos, momos can be found on every street. There is another bizarre addition to momos menu. Presenting “Pepsi wale momos”. An Instagram food page has shared a video of a roadside vendor who prepares steamed momos with the soft drink. If you are curious then you need to watch the viral video. The clip begins with the vendor pouring Pepsi, instead of water, in a steamer that contains raw momos. This is when the vlogger asks the vendor what he is doing. To this, the vendor says that the owner of the stall has taught him how to prepare the “Pepsi momos”.
We can next see how the momos look when ready. As the steamer lid opens we can can spot grey-hued momos with a few Pepsi drops on them. These momos would definitely taste a bit sweet after coming out of the steamer. The caption along with the clip reads, “Aapne kabhi Pepsi waale momos khaaye hain? [Have you ever tried Pepsi momos]?”
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The video received mixed reactions in the comments section. Most users were astonished to see such a bizarre food experiment. Pointing to its changed colour, a user called it, “Zeher momos !!” Another commented, “Looks like a dehumidifier.” A few even suggested adding vodka instead of Pepsi. “Bas Pepsi ki jagah magic moment dal kr dekho.” Apart from these comments most users dropped a shock face and heart eyes emoticons.

How about you, will you like to try these “Pepsi waale momos?”

Source website: food.ndtv.com

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