Watch: Neena Gupta Shows How To Make Paneer At Home, Shares Recipe From Sydney

Paneer or cottage cheese is one of the most common dairy products found in Indian kitchens. This protein-rich ingredient can be used to make not only healthy treats but also lip-smacking indulgences. You don’t always have to cook paneer. You can also eat it plain, or after sprinkling some seasoning on top. Many of us tend to buy readymade paneer from nearby stores or markets. But this yummy food item can easily be made at home as well. Veteran star Neena Gupta recently shared her method for the same on Instagram.

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In the reel, Neena is heard explaining the process while someone else is making the paneer. The person first heats the milk. Once it has been boiled, she adds some lemon juice to it and mixes it. The milk starts to curdle. Next, she pours the milk into a strainer covered with a cloth. The strainer is placed over a vessel. The solids from the heated milk mixture are collected in the cloth. The liquid is discarded.

The person then places the cloth filled with the milk solids under cold running water. She continues to do so for around a minute or so. Neena specifies that the water needs to be cold, as this is what will help the paneer form. Later, she ties the cloth into a knot and seals the solids inside. It is then placed on a thali, under a heavy marble plate. Neena explains that setting time may vary. She advises waiting and observing the paneer until it is set, i.e., until it retains its shape without breaking down very easily.

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In the caption, she mentioned that she used 1 litre of milk. According to her, once placed under a weight, the paneer should be ready in around 30-40 minutes. Watch the complete reel below:

Before this, Neena Gupta had shared a video demonstrating her recipe for making Anda Bhurji. This was also filmed in Sydney, as per her caption. Check out the complete story here.

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