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Even though he might be the newest MLB athlete to sign with Jordan Brand, Marlins center fielder Jazz Chisholm Jr is anything but new to the Brand itself. As a kid, Chisholm met MJ at a Jordan Brand softball game and requested Mike’s autograph. The GOAT denied his request and gave a rather characteristic response: “Make me want your autograph instead.” From that moment, Chisholm made it a personal goal to one day exchange autographs with Jordan. 

Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Jazz described the sneaker scene when he grew up as being dominated by Jordans. “The Jordans that were really popular when I was growing up were the Jordan VIII, VI and X,” he says. Chisholm would move to Wichita, KS, for high school, where he played varsity basketball in his childhood favorite “Aqua” Air Jordan VIIIs. Early on in his baseball career, Jazz was with Nike, but constantly sought the opportunity to join Jordan Brand.

After consulting with fellow MLB athletes Gio Gonzalez and CC Sabathia about their relationships with Jordan, he joined the brand in March of 2023, despite a very lucrative offer from Nike.

Since his signing, he has hit the field most frequently in his favorite Jordan model, the Air Jordan I. “The crazy part is, I don’t think anyone loved Jordan Is growing up,” he says, a stark contrast to today’s trends. Now the kid from Nassau gets them for free. And thanks to his new deal with the Brand, Mike has his own Jazz Chisholm Jr autograph.

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