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The next iOS 17.3 update has finally been released.

Apple’s latest measures aid in safeguarding your phone when thieves attempt to steal your iPhone, and access al of its data.

Apple, on Monday, January 22nd, finally released the iOS 17.3 update for all compatible iPhone models. This update features a slew of improvements—notably bolstering security through the introduction of Stolen Device Protection. Additionally, it addresses various bug-related issues, delivers essential security improvements, and introduces a new wallpaper.

iOS 17.3: What’s New

The standout aspect of the Stolen Device Protection feature lies in the heightened security measures it introduces when dealing with theft. These measures aid in safeguarding your phone when thieves attempt to steal your iPhone and access critical applications like iCloud, banking apps, private emails, and more. The effectiveness stems from the requirement that thieves not only enter your Lock Screen password but also scan your Face ID or Touch ID without the option of a password fallback when attempting to access vital apps or saved passwords.

Furthermore, with the implementation of ‘Security Delay,’ Apple also mandates a one-hour waiting period followed by an additional successful biometric authentication as a prerequisite to performing sensitive operations.

Coming to aesthetics and quality-of-life features, Apple has introduced a brand-new Unity wallpaper to honor Black history and culture. Furthermore, iOS now incorporates collaborative playlists, enabling users to send invitations to friends and join yours. Notably, this feature allows all participants to add, reorder, and remove songs, thereby promoting a shared musical experience. Additionally, users have the ability to add Emoji reactions to collaborative playlists, enhancing the level of engagement and personal expression.

In addition, Apple is introducing AirPlay hotel support. Through this feature, users can directly stream content to TVs in select hotel rooms, expanding their entertainment options while traveling. Furthermore, users can now conveniently check the AppleCare & Warranty coverage status for all Apple devices registered with their Apple ID, ensuring they have the necessary protection and support.

iOS 17.3: Who Is Eligible And How To Download

For starters, if your device got the iOS 17 update, you will also get the iOS 17.3 update. This means all iPhone XS and later models are eligible.

To download and install this updated, you need to head to Settings > General > Software Update. Here, you need to tap on Download and Install. But before you begin, ensure you have a solid connection, and your battery is above 50-60% so that your update process goes smoothly.

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