Crack The Code To Healthy Maggi: Try This Nutritionist-Approved Instant Noodle Recipe

By now, you must have tried countless variations of the humble Maggi. In fact, a mere search on Google will show you 101 ways to make your instant noodles tastier. That’s not all. You will also find Maggi points at every nook and corner of your city, creating recipes as per your palate. While some of those recipes are well-approved by the masses, some draw immense criticism. But have you ever wondered if it could be healthy as well? You read that right! We recently came across a nutritionist-approved recipe that claims to be good for your healthy diet plan as well. This recipe has been shared by Nutritionist Mohita Mascarenhas on her official Instagram handle ‘@keeping_it_narrow’. Let’s check it out.

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Can Instant Noodles Be Considered Healthy? Nutritionist Explains:

We all know instant noodles contain maida (all-purpose flour), which traditionally is considered unhealthy. To make maida, wheat is refined, eliminating fibre, protein, and other crucial vitamins and minerals. This further makes the dish starch-loaded, making it tough to digest. According to Nutritionist Mohita, “It’s true maida lacks nutrients. But if you compensate it with enough fibre and protein, instant noodles turn healthier for consumption.” This simply means you need to load your Maggi with vegetables, chicken, eggs, etc., to include in your healthy diet regime. “Chicken Maggi has 30 grams of protein, veg Maggi has 20 grams of protein, and Egg Maggi has 23 grams,” the expert explains.

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Healthy Maggi Recipe: How To Make Healthy Instant Noodles:

Start by boiling the noodles, and set them aside, along with the starchy water. Then heat the wok and saute ginger, garlic, onion and vegetables, and add your choice of protein to it. Here, Nutritionist Mohita added cooked chicken breast to the recipe. You can replace it with tofu, paneer, soy granules, or eggs (preferably egg white).

Next, add the boiled noodles with water and a tastemaker, and adjust the salt according to your palate. Mix everything well and cook for some time. You have a healthy and tasty bowl of healthy instant noodles ready to be relished.

But of course, have it in moderation to enjoy your favourite food without any guilt. Bon Appetit!

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