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Last Updated: January 23, 2024, 08:30 IST

AI could start thinking like human minds in the near future

AI tech is becoming smarter thanks to millions of datasets being fed into the AI models and soon it could become as smart as humans.

AI is starting to do a lot of things that humans also do, which is understandably causing concerns among people about their jobs being at risk. But if that wasn’t enough, then scientists are now trying to get AI to think like human brains with memories and events trained into their systems.

You might say that AI is smart and fast because we are training it to be that, but the fact that people are now trying all sorts of things with AI comes with a scary thought. And the scientists at University College London (UCL) according to a new report are trying to do these complex and worrying things with AI.

The college is using technology to train AI about the structure of our minds which particularly includes the hippocampus and the neocortex network, both of which are involved in the process of planning, imagining and even helping jot down the memories of our childhood or any other event. The scientists at the UCL’s division decided to mimic the behaviour of these networks onto an AI model by feeding it data of over 10,000 images of kids playing in the park, scenes from a classroom, people in the kitchen and more.

The AI model was relayed all this data to train it as a neocortex of the brain. The result of these training sessions was the AI model able to mix the images and create its own situations using the data fed into it. What this shows is that AI is definitely capable of picking up anything that is fed into these neural models.

Humans brains have been of interest to the medical fraternity for many years and it is possible that AI could help them decipher these mysteries and also capable of helping them solve any major health problems that science has not been able to discover.

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