Neena Gupta Relishing “Ghar Ka Khana” In Sydney Is Oh-So Relatable

A home-cooked meal is food for the soul. We don’t know about you, but Neena Gupta truly agrees with us. How do we know this? Well, on Tuesday, we spotted the veteran actress relishing a plate of extremely popular desi comfort food. Neena Gupta, who is currently having a blast in Sydney, enjoyed a delicious meal and shared updates with us. The actress dropped a picture of what seems like her lunch plate on her Instagram Stories that truly left us drooling all over our screens. In the picture, we could see a half-eaten chapati placed next to what appears to be gobi ki sabzi and moong ki dal. The amazing colour of the sabzi hinted at the range of spices that had gone into it, while the yummy-licious yellow dal was tempered with mustard seeds and fresh coriander leaves. Sharing the picture, she wrote, “Ghar ka khana in Sydney.” Check out the picture here:
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 A few days ago, Neena Gupta was spotted relishing a lip-smacking desi breakfast. Wondering what was on the menu? Home-cooked Indore-style poha. She dropped a picture of her Saturday breakfast and left us hungry. In the picture, which she shared on her Instagram Stories, we can see poha served with chopped onions, sev, and pomegranate. Don’t miss the signature masala sprinkled on poha. Along with the click, the actress simply wrote, “Indore style poha.”
Neena Gupta never shies away from exhibiting her culinary skills on social media. Last month, she shared yet another recipe that left us hungry. The actress shared a clip of herself preparing a healthy and delicious dinner. The video begins with her saying, “Aaj hum paneer ki ulte tawe ki roti banayenge (Today, we will make an inverted griddle-cooked bread with paneer).” Firstly, she showed all the chopped vegetables on the camera that she would be stuffing in the roti. While demonstrating how the dish is prepared, she can be heard saying, “This is so filling that only two rotis are enough for a person.” After adding salt and mixing all the vegetables, she placed them on top of the flat dough. Once done, she closes the opening in the dough to make it a ball. Then she rolls it up again. Watch here:
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