‘It’s making waves’: Broncos star backs NFL to take NRL’s lead in hip drop crackdown

It’s the tackle plaguing both the NRL and the NFL, and Pat Carrigan has revealed he is fully supportive of any crackdown on hip drop tackles across both competitions.

Ahead of the NRL’s Las Vegas season opener in March, Carrigan spoke to the New York Post’s Steve Serby about the controversial tackling technique.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has called for the hip drop tackle to be banned after players like Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith and Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill suffered ugly injuries.

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The NRL, meanwhile, stamped down on the damaging technique over the last two seasons, with Carrigan being one player who earnt a hefty suspension.

The Broncos lock was handed a four-game ban for his hop drop tackle on then Tigers halfback Jackson Hastings, breaking his ankle in the process.

The 25-year-old is backing the NFL to follow the NRL’s lead and explained how players find themselves in a situation where their weight drops on their opponent’s legs.

“It’s making waves over in the United States… it’s definitely a tackle, it depends and it can be circumstantial,” Carrigan said.

“Sometimes you just get unlucky and get caught in positions where for mine there’s no malice or intention in it and things just go wrong.

“But I think it’s a weird one, a lot of accidents can happen in tackle sport and it’s a fine line between trying to rule everything as a hip drop tackle.

“But was much as you can void landing on the legs and injuries like happened in my circumstance is better.

“The more we can keep minimising the risk in whatever fashion it is then I think I’m all for it.

“But it’s a tough line, the game happens so fast, such big collisions and sometimes accidents happen so it’s a tough one to work out.”

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Speaking to the NY Post, rugby league legend Matty Johns echoed Carrigan’s opinion and said there’s “no doubt in the world” it needed to be removed from both games.

“What it’s doing is ruining people’s careers. It leads to really bad ACL injuries, broken legs, horrendous ankle injuries. So I think it’s a no-brainer,” he said.

“We’ve had some horrendous injuries from the hip-drop tackle. I know you guys had clipping and all that stuff back in the day.

“But the hip drop, it’s been bad. We’ve had guys that have had career-threatening injuries.”

He also touched on the controversial suspensions being handed out to players, regardless of whether their respective hip drop tackle was an accident.

“[But] it’s really split the game in our country because people are going, ‘He didn’t mean it, it just happened, it was a total accident.’ Well, that doesn’t wash anymore in the NRL. They say now it’s poor technique,” Johns said.

“It’s a little bit like guys don’t go out there to hit other guys in the head in our game. It’s accidental, but you still get penalised.

“You still serve suspensions because of that even though it wasn’t deliberate. It’s the same as the hip drop. You might not have meant it, but it’s bad technique and you serve a suspension for it.’’

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