Sushant Singh Rajput birth anniversary: What the late actor’s sister wrote about him in her new book

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters have always rooted for the actor. Ever since he died in 2020, his sisters have often come out in his support or shared fond memories of their brother. Shweta Singh Kirti, his sister who lives in the US, also wrote an affectionate account of Sushant in her new book, Pain: A Portal to Enlightenment. (Also Read: Mukesh Chhabra teases Dil Bechara 2, Sushant Singh Rajput fans disapprove)

Shweta Singh Kirti with her brother and late actor Sushant Singh Rajput

On Sushant’s 38th birth anniversary, we look at what his sister wrote about him in her book:

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When Sushant was born

Shweta wrote in Pain that her parents hoped for a boy after her birth because her mother had lost her first son. “My family members have often told me that Mom and Dad wanted a son, more so because Mumma’s first child had been a son and she had lost him at a very young age,” Shweta wrote. After a lot of rituals and spiritual visits, Sushant was born on this day on January 12, 1986.

On growing up together

Shweta said she felt immensely protective of Sushant because their mother believed that she was “the catalyst for his much-desired arrival into our lives.” “Growing up, we were each other’s shadows – always together. We played and danced, studied and got into mischief, ate and slept, and did everything in unison, to the point people forget we were two separate individuals; they even called us ‘Gudia-Gulshan’ as if we were a single entity,” Shweta wrote, explaining that Gudia and Gulshan were her and Sushant’s nicknames.

His reaction to her first period

Shweta recalled how their mother asked Sushant to be “gentle” with her because he would playfully hit her, after she had her first period in the sixth grade. While disposing a pad, Sushant asked his sister, “What it it that you can’t share with me? I don’t like this barrier between us.” Shweta pointed out that reflected “his remarkable sensitivity and our profound closeness.”

On her wedding

“As I prepared to leave, Bhai hugged me tightly, tears streaming down our faces. It was a heartbreaking moment – we knew we wouldn’t be living together anymore, that we wouldn’t have the luxury of seeing each other as much as we used to,” Shweta wrote, admitting that she did regret leaving her brother behind as she relocated to the US after her wedding.

When did she last see and talked to him?

Shweta said while Sushant didn’t visit her as he was busy with his meteoric rise in Bollywood, she visited him in India every year from 2014 till 2017. That was the last time she saw him as she couldn’t visit in 2018 and 2019. She did make a visit in January 2020 “especially to see him,” but was unable to do so. Four days before he was found dead in his Mumbai apartment on June 14, 2020, she invited him to the US again on the phone.

On getting the news

Shweta said it was her husband who broke the news to her on the night of June 13 in the US. “A chill ran down my spine and I lay in bed paralysed. I didn’t scream. I didn’t cry. By conviction of my practice, I fell into a space that sucked all the shock that my body and mind were going through,” she wrote.

On not being able to see him one last time

Shweta recalled that since regular flights from the US to India weren’t available at the time of the covid-19 pandemic, she managed to secure a ticket very late. By the time she reached India, Sushant’s body had been cremated. “The realisation that I would not be able to see him for the last time and bid him a proper farewell left me feeling angry and frustrated. There was no closure for me.” Shweta said that the spiritual journey to come to terms with her brother’s death is what prompted her to write her new book, Pain: A Portal to Enlightenment.

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