Dear Foodies, Anshula Kapoor Has Some Confessions To Make

Be it a biryani for chicken lovers or simple khichdi with mango pickle for vegetarians, there must be at least one meal that we all can eat on repeat. Well, for our favourite foodie Anshula Kapoor, it is the humble dal-chawal. Anshula made this foodie confession during the latest Ask Me Anything session that she conducted on Instagram Stories. A fan asked her to name “a food item that you can eat daily without getting bored?” Responding to the question, Anshula shared a picture of a bowl carrying rice topped with yellow dal, tempered with some black mustard seeds and tomato. Well, Anshula surely eats her veggies, as next to dal-chawal we could see beans ki sabzi. There was also a spoonful of curd. The text along with the picture read, “Yellow dal and rice.”

One of Anshula Kapoor’s fans quizzed her about her favourite cuisine. Anshula’s oh-so-relatable answer read, “Nothing satisfies the soul like desi food.” Well, we all completely agree with you, Anshula. While responding to the question, she shared glimpses of a complete feast, including lip-smacking desi dishes. We could see a bowl full of dal makhani kept next to what seemed like shahi paneer. We could also see butter naans and jeera rice with sliced salad on the side. 

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Wait, there is more. Fans also quizzed Anshula Kapoor about what she ate during lunch. Her response to the question left us drooling. Why? She shared a video of her meal on her Instagram Stories. The video shows a ragi roti kept next to some egg bhurji. To add to the flavours of her meal, Anshula also had a little chilli sauce on the side. Responding to the question, “What did you eat for lunch?” Anshula wrote, “Ragi roti, 2 egg bhurji and hot and sweet tomato chilli sauce.” 

Want to recreate Anshula Kapoor’s lunch on your plate?

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