Can You Make Ghee In Just 10 Minutes? Vlogger’s Hack Gets More Than 13 Million Views

Ghee, a kind of clarified butter, is one of the most common ingredients found in Indian kitchens. This dairy product is featured in recipes for innumerable traditional dishes (savoury and sweet). It is used for topping foods as well as tempering (tadka). Ghee has long been a part of natural remedies for different ailments as well. Many of us choose to buy readymade ghee as it is convenient to do so. Making ghee at home is generally considered a time-consuming and labour-intensive process.
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But what if there was an easier and quicker way to make ghee at home? An Instagram vlogger (@shipravlogzone) recently shared a video about the same, claiming that her method takes only 10 minutes. The reel has received more than 13.5 million views so far and has attracted a lot of attention online.
In order to make ghee quickly, the vlogger is seen using a pressure cooker. She adds malai (fresh cream) to the cooker, along with a little water. She says that the malai can be either cold or at room temperature. She then heats it on high flame for a few minutes, until the first whistle blows. Later, she adds baking soda to the cooker and mixes it with the malai. After 5-7 minutes, she says that you will see the ghee getting separated from the milk solids as it heats.
Watch the complete video below.

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The reel has received 136K likes so far. In the comment section, several Instagram users seemed interested in this hack. However, many people were left unconvinced by the method. They raised concerns about the ghee burning as well as the promised shorter duration. Some users also found the idea of adding baking soda to be unnecessarily unhealthy.
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