Best electric cycles: Top 10 picks to embark on a greener journey

Today, environmental consciousness intertwines with technological innovation, and electric cycles emerge as silent revolutionaries, offering a thrilling blend of eco-friendliness and cutting-edge design.

Best electric cycles: Find the perfect green companion for travel.(Unsplash)

As cities pulse with life and commuters seek alternative modes of transport, the electric cycle emerges as a beacon of change, addressing both environmental concerns and the need for efficient mobility. This comprehensive guide is your portal to a curated selection of the top 10 electric cycles, each standing as a testament to the evolution of personal transportation.

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From sleek urban commuters to robust off-road adventurers, our guide navigates the diverse landscape of electric cycles, providing insights into their unique features, performance capabilities, and the eco-friendly advantages they bring to the table. As we delve into the intricacies of these electric steeds, you’ll uncover the seamless fusion of advanced battery technology, smart connectivity, and ergonomic design that defines the modern electric cycle.

Beyond the technicalities, our exploration extends to the lifestyle and cultural shifts catalyzed by the electric cycle movement. We unravel the stories of individuals and communities adopting electric cycles as not just a mode of transport but as a statement – a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

Whether you’re a seasoned electric cycle enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this guide aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice. Join us on this journey as we navigate the dynamic landscape of electric cycles, steering towards a future where sustainable mobility is not just an option but a thrilling and accessible reality.

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1. EMotorad Doodle v3 Foldable Electric Cycle


The EMotorad Doodle v3 Foldable Electric Cycle is a versatile and sturdy ride designed for convenience and style. The high tensile aluminium alloy 6061 frame makes it foldable, perfect for carrying and storing in congested spaces. Stand out on the road with the Doodle’s vibrant colors, backed by a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. Equipped with a 12.75Ah quick-release, frame-concealed battery, the Doodle ensures more power for all your plans. The upgraded EMotorad M6H LCD Display provides real-time riding information, rain or shine, protected by a waterproof cover. The 250W rear hub motor delivers constant power for enhanced pedal assist on every journey. Experience smooth gear shifts with the Shimano Tourney 7-Speed drivetrain, making it easy for beginners and pros alike. The 4″ fat tyres offer unmatched stability on all roads, providing traction while minimizing the impact of rough terrain. Now, you can explore the world of electric cycles with confidence, knowing that the perfect ride is not just a search away – discover electric cycles near me and make the EMotorad Doodle v3 your trusted companion on the road to eco-friendly adventures.

Specifications of EMotorad Doodle v3 Foldable Electric Cycle:

Bike Type: Folding Bike

Age Range (Description): Adult


Number of Speeds: 7

Colour: Nocturnal Black

Pros Cons
Vibrant Colors and Stylish Design Limited Waterproof Display Protection
Shimano Tourney 7-Speed Drivetrain  



Ride the electric revolution with E MOTORAD! If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly and efficient way to get around, look no further. Electric cycle online shopping becomes a breeze as we explore this lightweight wonder that redefines commuting. Imagine zipping through the city effortlessly, thanks to the electric cycle’s rechargeable battery. No more fuel stops – just plug in and go! One standout feature is the adjustable seat, making your ride comfortable no matter your height. Plus, with the quick-release seat option, parking and storage become a cinch. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend explorer, E MOTORAD’s guide helps you navigate the world of electric cycles, emphasizing not only their convenience but also their positive impact on the environment. Join us as we uncover the joy of riding electric cycles and embrace a greener lifestyle. Experience the future of transportation with E MOTORAD – where the electric cycle meets innovation for a sustainable and thrilling journey.


Bike Type: Electric Bike

Age Range (Description): Youth


Number of Speeds: 1

Colour: Bumblebee Yellow

Pros Cons
Rechargeable for eco-friendly commuting. Limited travel range per charge.
Adjustable seat for personalized comfort.  

3. vaan URBANSPORT | Premium Electric Cycle


Discover the ultimate in urban mobility with the Vaan URBANSPORT Premium electric cycle. Designed and engineered by Benelli, this electric cycle redefines the way you commute, blending style with eco-friendly technology. With a powerful 250W 45NM rear hub motor, the Vaan URBANSPORT effortlessly takes you on a journey with a maximum range of 60 KM and a maximum assistance speed of 25 KMPH. Explore your city in various modes, including throttle, pedal assist, cruise, and mechanical mode, adapting to your preferences and needs. The 48V 7.5AH removable li-ion battery ensures you can cover those extra miles worry-free. The compact unisex aluminum 6061 frame, measuring 40.5 inches in length and 18 inches in height, combines comfort and convenience. Equipped with a Smart Vaan LCD display, 7-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur, Spinner USA front shock, and Promax front and rear disc brakes, this electric cycle offers a seamless and safe riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer, find the perfect blend of style and sustainability with Vaan URBANSPORT. Explore the convenience of electric push bikes near me, bringing a new dimension to your daily commute.

Specifications of vaan URBANSPORT | Premium Electric Cycle:

Bike Type: Electric Bike

Age Range (Description): Adult

Brand: vaan

Number of Speeds: 12

Colour : Yellow

Pros Cons
60 KM Maximum Range Removable Battery Adds Weight
Compact Aluminum Frame  

4. UBOARD Pathfinder Electric Cycle


The UBOARD Pathfinder Electric Cycle is where sleek design meets solid performance, defining the epitome of innovation in your electric cycling experience. With a powerful 48V 10AH li-ion removable battery, this electric cycle ensures non-stop riding at ranges up to 40 kms on a single charge, setting the stage for a new era of convenience and eco-friendly commuting. Engage the pedal assist and 5-speed mode for an effortless journey, reducing pedalling effort and adapting to changing conditions with seamless transitions between speeds. The UBOARD pathfinder comes packed with epic features, including an LCD display, charging port, seat shocker, dual disc braking system, half twist throttle, and bright LED Lights for high visibility and safety. The mid-mounted LCD colour display provides real-time information on speed, battery level, odometer, and pedal assist level, ensuring you stay informed throughout your ride. Built for all terrains, the alloy wheel with adjustable air suspension fork guarantees a smooth journey, whether on city streets or rough paths. The long-lasting, removable battery charges in 3-5 hours and offers an average range of 18 miles. Conveniently removable for charging, there’s no need to haul your electric cycle to an outlet. Plus, with an easy-to-carry design and a foldable frame, take your UBOARD Pathfinder anywhere easily, unlocking the joy of riding in diverse environments. Join the electric cycle revolution with one of the most popular electric cycles, and experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and sustainability.

Specifications of UBOARD Pathfinder Electric Cycle:

Bike Type: Electric Bike

Age Range (Description): Adult


Number of Speeds: 7

Colour: Midnight Gray

Pros Cons
Long-lasting, removable battery for convenience. Requires 3-5 hours for full battery charge.
Sleek design and solid performance combined.  

5. VIRTUS MOTORS Alpha-I Electric Bicycle


The VIRTUS MOTORS Alpha-I Electric Bicycle is your gateway to an effortless and eco-friendly commute. Unleash the power of the electric cycle with the Alpha-I, featuring a robust 36V 250W high-speed rear hub electric motor. Cruise through the city at a maximum speed of 25 KM/HR, effortlessly reaching your destination with substantial torque. The Alpha-I is not just about power; it’s about endurance too. With a premium 36V 8.0Ah lithium-ion removable battery, this e-cycle offers an impressive range of over 50 kilometers on a single charge using pedal assist. Keep your operational costs low while enjoying extended rides. Experience the convenience of the intuitive Pedal Assist Functionality (PAS), reducing the effort needed for pedaling and enhancing your overall riding performance. The durable high tensile alloy steel frame, along with double wall rims and front suspension fork, ensures exceptional wear resistance and comfort on any terrain. Safety is paramount, and the Alpha-I doesn’t compromise. The dual mechanical disc brake system with an electronic auto cut-off lever provides ultimate control and exceptional braking performance. Navigate various terrains with confidence, thanks to the 26″-inch double wall rims and 26×1.95″ branded tires offering maximum grip and traction. Customize your ride with our range of add-on accessories, from a 3-Speed PAS with horn front LED light combo to a protective full steel mudguard and a unique steel rear carrier. Elevate your cycle experience with these optional accessories, enhancing both performance and style. Unbox your adventure with the Alpha-I package, including the electric cycle, battery, charger, plastic mudguards, and a toolkit. Ride into the future of sustainable commuting with the VIRTUS MOTORS’ Alpha-I Electric Bicycle.

Specifications of VIRTUS MOTORS Alpha-I Electric Bicycle:

Bike Type: Electric Bike

Age Range (Description): Youth


Number of Speeds: 1

Colour : Grey

Pros Cons
Premium Removable Lithium-Ion Battery Moderate Maximum Speed (25 KM/HR)
Intuitive Pedal Assist Functionality (PAS)  

6. Leader E-Power L6 27.5T Electric Cycle


The Leader E-Power L6 27.5T Electric Cycle is a top choice in the world of green and convenient transportation. Delivered 90% assembled, this cycle puts the power in your hands, requiring a simple assembly with the Allen Key and Spanner provided in the box. Designed for riders aged 12 and above, with a frame size of 19 inches and a tire size of 27.5 inches, it’s an ideal fit for those with a height between 5FT to 6FT. Safety is a priority with disc brakes both in the front and rear, ensuring a secure and controlled ride. This electric cycle boasts a single-speed mechanism, a sturdy steel frame, and a front suspension for a smooth journey. The package includes essentials like an Allen Key, Spanner, Instruction Manual, Stand, and Reflectors for added safety. Experience the joy of environmentally conscious commuting with the Leader E-Power L6 27.5T electric cycle. Simple assembly, reliable features, and a commitment to a greener planet – ride into the future effortlessly.

Specifications of Leader E-Power L6 27.5T Electric Cycle:

Bike Type: Mountain Bike

Age Range (Description): Teen

Brand: Leader

Number of Speeds: 1


Pros Cons
Easy assembly for quick usability. Semi-assembled delivery may inconvenience some.
Disc brakes for enhanced safety.  

7. Tata Stryder Neutron 24


The Tata Stryder Neutron 24 electric cycle that brings reliability and style in one package. As a trusted product from TATA, this entry-level fitness bicycle is crafted with a MIG Welded Steel Frame, ensuring durability for your rides. The integrated carrier adds a practical touch, making it not just a mode of transport but a versatile companion for your daily adventures. Enjoy the confidence of a 2-year warranty on the frame, highlighting TATA’s commitment to a reliable and long-lasting product. The Neutron 24T IC MTB caters to a wide audience, offering a comfortable and stylish ride for every enthusiast. Its ergonomic MTB frame, paired with a comfortable saddle and MTB handlebar, ensures the perfect seating posture, making your journeys enjoyable and easy. Designed with sporty and enthusiastic riders in mind, the Neutron 24T is not just a bicycle – it’s a statement. And here’s the best part – it’s an electric cycle under 10000, making sustainable and stylish commuting accessible to all. Step into the future of mobility with Tata Stryder Neutron 24 and redefine your riding experience.

Specifications of Tata Stryder Neutron 24:

Bike Type: Mountain Bike

Age Range (Description): 8-11 Years

Brand: Generic

Number of Speeds: 1

Colour : Electric Blue

Pros Cons
Integrated Carrier Convenience Limited Advanced Features
Reliable TATA Brand  

8. Geekay Hashtag 27.5T Single Speed Electric Cycle


The Geekay Hashtag 27.5T Single Speed Electric Cycle is a game-changer in eco-friendly commuting. Powered by an advanced electric system, its rear hub motor boasts a robust BLDC 36V/250W with 45 Nm torque, coupled with a detachable 36V, 7.5Ah Li-ion battery offering a year of brand warranty. Cruise through your daily commute at a top speed of 25 Km/Hr, all at an astonishingly low cost of 7 Paisa per Km, making it an eco-conscious choice without compromising on speed. Safety takes the front seat with a high-tensile carbon steel frame backed by a lifetime warranty, dual disc mechanical e-brakes featuring auto power cut for skid-free braking, and an electronic key lock for a secure riding experience. The bicycle’s telescopic suspension fork, 27.5” x 2.1″ nylon tyres, and double wall alloy rims provide excellent grip across various terrains. Enhanced with integrated horn and headlight, the Geekay Hashtag ensures safety during rides, promoting easy communication with pedestrians and other road users, especially in low-light conditions. With an impressive riding range of up to 40 KM in Paddle Assist Mode and 25 KM in 100% Throttle mode, explore more without worrying about battery depletion. Unbox the future of commuting with 85% assembly, including the electric cycle, battery, charger, and toolkit for self-assembly.

Specifications of Geekay Hashtag 27.5T Single Speed Electric Cycle:

Bike Type: Electric Bike

Age Range (Description): Adult

Brand: Geekay

Number of Speeds: 1

Colour : Black Green

Pros Cons
Impressive riding range Moderate top speed
Integrated horn and headlight  

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9. EMotorad X2 Mountain Electric Cycle


The EMotorad X2 Mountain Electric Cycle is not just a bicycle; it’s a step into the future of commuting. Imagine a ride that’s not only quick and efficient but also leaves a green footprint. The EMotorad X2 is powered by an eco-conscious rechargeable battery, giving you the freedom to explore without the environmental guilt. Its digital display adds a touch of modernity, keeping you informed about speed and battery life. The adjustable seat ensures a comfortable journey for riders of all sizes, and with the quick-release feature, adjustments are a breeze. Whether you’re navigating city streets or conquering off-road trails, this electric cycle adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly. It’s more than just a ride; it’s a statement for sustainable living. Join the movement towards cleaner, greener transportation with the EMotorad X2 Mountain Electric Cycle – where simplicity meets innovation, and every ride is a small step towards a brighter, eco-friendly tomorrow.

Specifications of EMotorad X2 Mountain Electric Cycle:

Bike Type: Electric Bike

Age Range: Youth


Number of Speeds: 3

Colour : Furious Red

Pros Cons
Rechargeable battery for eco-friendly commuting. Limited range on a single battery charge.
Digital display for real-time performance tracking.  

10. Leader E-Power L8 27.5T Unisex Electric Cycle


Unveil the excitement of effortless rides with the Leader E-Power L8 27.5T Unisex Electric Cycle. Arriving in a convenient Semi-Assembled condition (90% assembled), assembling becomes a breeze with the Allen Key and Spanner provided in the box. Ideal for riders aged 12 and above, with a minimum height requirement of 5FT and a maximum of 6FT, this electric cycle combines simplicity with versatility. Equipped with a sturdy steel frame and boasting a 27.5-inch tire size, the cycle ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. The single-speed feature adds to the ease of use, making it a perfect companion for urban commuting or leisurely rides. Safety takes center stage with front and rear disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power. The inclusion of front suspension adds an extra layer of comfort, making your journeys more enjoyable. The package includes essential accessories like a stand, front, and rear reflectors, along with clear instructions in the manual for easy assembly. Elevate your riding experience with the Leader E-Power L8, a unisex electric cycle that effortlessly blends practicality, style, and the eco-friendly benefits of an electric cycle.

Specifications of Leader E-Power L8 27.5T Unisex Electric Cycle:

Bike Type: Electric Bike

Age Range (Description): Adult

Brand: Leader

Number of Speeds: 1

Colour : Sea Green

Pros Cons
Front and Rear Disc Brakes Semi-Assembled Delivery
Versatile Single Speed  

Top 3 features for you

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
EMotorad Doodle v3 Foldable Electric Cycle 250W rear hub motor powers Aluminum alloy foldable frame
vaan URBANSPORT | Premium Electric Cycle 7 speed Shimano Tourney derailleur Spinner USA Front Shock

Promax Front and Rear disc brakes

UBOARD Pathfinder Electric Cycle Compact foldable design Ultra bright tail light
VIRTUS MOTORS Alpha-I Electric Bicycle Strong MTB steel alloy steel frame Wide handlebars MTB seat
Leader E-Power L6 27.5T Electric Cycle Tig Welded Alloy Frame T-Type Handlebar
Tata Stryder Neutron 24 Reliable and Trusted product from TATA MIG Welded Steel Frame

Your Entry Level Fitness Bicycle

Geekay Hashtag 27.5T Single Speed Electric Cycle Advanced Electric System Equipped with high safety features

Integrated Horn and Headlight

EMotorad X2 Mountain Electric Cycle Adjustable Seat Quick Release Seat Digital Display
Leader E-Power L8 27.5T Unisex Electric Cycle Specially designed to provide proper braking control Power house of E-bike 6.36Ah 36 Volt

Best overall product

The EMotorad Doodle v3 Foldable Electric Cycle stands out as the best overall product with its versatile design and robust features. Its foldable Aluminum alloy 6061 frame ensures convenience and easy storage, while the 12.75Ah quick-release battery provides ample power. The vibrant colors, lifetime warranty, and upgraded LCD display contribute to a stylish and reliable ride. With a Shimano Tourney 7-Speed drivetrain and 4″ fat tires for stability, this electric cycle offers a seamless experience for riders of all levels, making it the top choice for those seeking an exceptional combination of performance and style.

Best value for money

The Tata Stryder Neutron 24 electric cycle emerges as the best value for money product, combining reliability and style at an affordable price. Crafted with a MIG Welded Steel Frame, it ensures durability and versatility with an integrated carrier for added practicality. The 2-year warranty on the frame highlights Tata’s commitment to a long-lasting product. Offering a comfortable ride with an ergonomic MTB frame, this electric cycle caters to a wide audience, making sustainable and stylish commuting accessible to all. Step into the future of mobility with the Tata Stryder Neutron 24, a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

How to choose an electric cycle

Choosing the right electric cycle involves considering key factors to match your needs. Firstly, determine your usage – whether it’s daily commuting or adventurous trails. Assess the motor power with higher watts for hilly terrains. Battery capacity is crucial; choose one with a range suitable for your intended rides. Frame material impacts weight and durability; aluminum is lightweight and durable. Consider the type of terrain you’ll ride on for appropriate tire selection. Look for features like adjustable seats, display functions, and safety elements such as disc brakes. Lastly, check user reviews for real-world insights before making an informed decision.

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