7 Relatable Things Only A True Dessert Lover Will Understand

Desserts have the power to make everything right. No matter how bad of a day you’re having, they uplift your mood in a matter of minutes. The feeling of indulging in sinful cakes, brownies, and ice cream is quite satisfying. As a dessert lover, you would probably wish a lifetime of supply for all of these. Don’t you? There are also certain things that people with a sweet tooth have in common. From exploring new dessert places in your city to taking extra servings of them and not sharing them with anyone, there are various things that you would relate to. In this article, we have collated a list of things that will strike a chord with every dessert lover.
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Here Are 7 Things Every Dessert Lover Will Relate To:

1. The time of the day doesn’t matter to you

Most people have dessert after the end of a meal, which is usually lunch or dinner. But a true dessert lover would have it any time of the day. It could be in the morning while having breakfast or late at night while watching a show. You don’t hesitate to address these sweet cravings at all.

2. Is there such a thing as too much dessert?

Taking that first bite of your favourite dessert is truly satisfying, isn’t it? However, you always feel like it’s not enough. You’ll find yourself taking that extra slice of cake, a scoop of ice cream, or serving of halwa. After all, why should there be a limit to something that brings you immense happiness?

3. Sharing? What Is That?

The word ‘sharing’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. It may be for other aspects of life, but not when it comes to dessert. You feel content when you finish the dessert all by yourself. It’s not the same when you have to share it with someone else. Even if you do end up sharing, you’ll make sure to have extra.

4. You check the dessert section on the menu first

When scanning through a menu in a restaurant, you always glance at the dessert section first. It’s something that you do instinctively as soon as you pick up the menu. And if you’re able to spot your favourite dessert on the list, that’s a plus.
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5. You always carry something sweet in your bag

Since your sweet cravings can arrive anytime, you make sure to carry something sweet in your bag. It could be a bar of chocolate, a pack of toffees, or perhaps chewing gum. Even your friends and family are aware of this habit of yours, and you become their saviour when they feel like having something sweet.

6. You go to buffets only for dessert

For you, going to a buffet means heading for dessert. While others usually line up in the snacks or main course area, you’ll be spotted near the dessert section. With so many desserts in front of you, it becomes difficult to choose one. Which is why you end up trying almost everything and giving suggestions to others.

7. You don’t understand why people don’t like desserts

Dessert lovers find it hard to believe when someone dislikes desserts. After all, how can someone say no to a rich and luscious chocolate cake or a gooey brownie? It’s just something that you fail to understand, and it’s your mission to convert all non-dessert lovers to dessert lovers. Isn’t it?

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Which of these points do you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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