Watch: Blogger Makes Deepika Padukone’s Favourite Dish – Ema Datshi

Celebrities, much like everyone else, have their favourite dishes, and Deepika Padukone is no exception. The renowned Bollywood actress harbors a special fondness for a dish that might surprise many – Ema Datshi. This traditional Bhutanese delicacy, composed of spicy chilli peppers and cheese, has found its way into the actress’s heart, which she describes as “yummy and fascinating.” It is always intriguing to uncover the diverse and unique culinary preferences of celebrities, showcasing their appreciation for various cuisines from around the world. In a viral video, a vlogger undertook the task of preparing Ema Datshi, providing a step-by-step glimpse into the cooking process of this special Bhutanese dish.
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In the viral video, the cook started by slicing and deseeding some green chillies. Following this, they diced garlic and onions and sautéed them in hot oil. They then added the sliced chillies, along with some water, and two slices of cheese, accompanied by some pepper and salt. As the ingredients melded, the cheese melted into the water, creating a creamy white cheese sauce. Ema Datshi is typically enjoyed with rice and is usually served hot; the creamy, spicy cheese sauce complements the grains. Watch the video here:

However, Bhutanese people expressed their offense in the comments section. One user wrote, “You murdered our national dish.” Another user commented, “That looks awful. Do your research and don’t do any fusion to something already original.” Someone else advised, “Bhutanese here! I understand this is your first time making it. Since you don’t have access to the cheese we use, the closest substitute is feta cheese. However, do not use slices, and you need to use bigger chillies, not the ones shown above. The ones you used are just going to compromise the flavour.”
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Additional comments included remarks such as, “That’s not how it is supposed to look, and I’m 100% sure that it doesn’t taste the way it’s supposed to. Chillies should be bigger, and the cheese used is wrong, to say the least,” and “I am sure the cheese you used is not used in the original dish.” If you would like to try Ema Datshi at home, check out our recipe here. 

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