How to schedule posts on Instagram? Who can use this feature?

Instagram, a platform dedicated to sharing photos and videos, has allowed countless individuals to showcase their talents through reels and posts. Whether exhibiting artistic creations or highlighting acting, dancing and singing prowess, Instagram has opened doors for numerous hidden talents.

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The app continually evolves, with developers regularly introducing new features. One particularly noteworthy addition is the ability to “schedule posts on Instagram,” which was implemented in 2022.

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The option to schedule posts not only has the potential to save time and effort for Instagram users but also allows them to craft content with a reduced sense of pressure. Since many content creators operate independently, scheduling posts becomes a crucial method to maximise productivity within the constraints of a limited daily schedule.

Who can use ‘Schedule Post’ feature on Instagram?

This feature proves beneficial for “social media influencers and business users leveraging Instagram”. According to this feature, individuals can plan and schedule up to 25 posts daily, allowing them to prepare content up to 75 days in advance. It is essential to note that only users with business profiles can access this feature, as scheduling content is “not available for those with personal profiles”.

How to schedule a post or reel on Instagram?

-Open Instagram, then select the plus icon. From there, choose Post or reel to create your content as usual.

-After making necessary edits and adding a caption, navigate to the bottom of the screen. Tap on Advanced Settings.

-Activate the Schedule feature by toggling the switch, and specifying the desired date and time for your post to be published.

-Return to the previous screen by tapping the back button. Finally, tap Share to confirm and schedule your post.

-To make adjustments to your scheduled posts, access your Instagram profile. Locate and tap the menu icon situated in the top right corner.

-Navigate to Scheduled Content, then select the three dots adjacent to the relevant post or Reel. You can edit, reschedule, share immediately, or delete as needed.

Steps to manage scheduled posts and reels on Instagram

There are two ways to manage scheduled content.

-Open the Instagram app, tap, and select post or reel.

-Access the “Scheduled” section to review your upcoming content.

-Click on the specific post or reel you intend to adjust.

-Opt for Reschedule, Share Now, or Delete based on your requirements.

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